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Name : Ashley Tiffen

Location : Cockermouth. Date : 2007-08-26 10:40:59

Comment : Perhaps those who suggest that there is not going to be two way through traffic on Bitterbeck car park would like to explain the presence of the \'potential\' to open up access from Kirkgate into the Car Park.

Name :

Location : Cockermouth. Date : 2007-08-17 22:38:25

Comment : I too have read the Times and Star report and it is riddled with inacurcies. Why would anyone believe there is a proposal to close the car parks, and if you look closer at the plans only 2 tress are to be removed and an extra 10 are to be planted. Are people really this stupid?

Name : Dave Siddall

Location : St Helens Street. Date : 2007-08-17 18:17:43

Comment : Reports in Times and Star seem to give erroneous impression that the Option D for the Market Place will mean closure of the car parks, a two-way rear road and loss of all the trees. If those concerned would read and study the Option D plans on this website and on show at Town Hall they will see that there is no plan for a two-way road in Old Hall Went and removal of trees would only be on the Northern side of the Market Place. The newspaper report is riddled with phrases such as \"it is understood\" and \"it has been claimed\"...more facts than conjecture would have been useful.

Name : B. Gresley

Location : High Wycombe Bucks. Date : 2007-08-13 09:31:39

Comment : Please get on with it. The talking is over and even Workington has moved on. My frequent visits to Cockermouth just show a steady decline in Market Place. If the bookshop goes---that is it--motor to Keswick Quick Regards B. Gresley

Name : Jon Sharp

Location : Cockermouth. Date : 2007-08-01 11:04:07

Comment : Whilst creating an extremely attractive part of town under plan E, it would be unsustainable and the whole purpose of the money isn\'t to create beauty but to develop a self sustaining, commercially viable area. The area already boasts Neo\'s, Allerdale Court, The Ship (under re-build), the Front Room and the recent addition at the corner with Kirkgate, (apologies the name escapes me presently)! I had a walk down yesterday and whilst most of the central town cafe/bars were doing brisk service Neo\'s was empty. This is unsustainable commercially and a business without customers is not a business, business operators don\'t have the luxury of a salary coming in every week, and one comment suggested with The Granary footfall is the key! In previous years the Market Place had several key shops including Fine Fare a former supermarket, really to make the area thrive this is what\'s needed, instead currently all the main shops are oriented towards the centre and other side of town. Perhaps the other alternative is to move all the service industries, estate agents etc into the Market Place, people use these services and so would have to visit the area and would no doubt by default then support the cafe/bars? One last thought... I and my family consciously spend no more than 10 per week in the supermarkets (and I begrudge every penny of that), on principal and have take the decision to purchase from local stores. Unless there is concerted effort from more residents of the town along these lines, fewer and fewer local business will survive in any part of the town!

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