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Name : Hayley Newton

Location : Heywood, Lancashire. Date : 2009-06-29 22:07:35

Comment : Hi, looking for Yvonne Bowdler, who became Yvonne Becconsall in 1978. Please contact me on if you see this. It is regarding one of your sons. I understand if you do not wish to get in contact but please, speak with me, I will not pass on any info you do not want passing on. Thanks Hayley Newton

Name : Anne Turnbull

Location : Ferryhill, Co Durham England. Date : 2009-05-12 19:27:38

Comment : We were in Cockermouth for the first time and found it a delightful place. We had to have a puncture mended. The garage - Goodfellows - was really helpful: we had a very nice lunch for 3.50 in the Globe Hotel: we walked by the river: the locals were all so friendly and helpful.

Name : David Smith

Location : Chandler's Ford in Hampshire, United Ki. Date : 2009-02-10 22:52:34

Comment : I run a local community website in Chandlers Ford in Hampshire and I have placed a web link to this site which I consider to be one of the best tourist sites on the web I have come across. Well done to whoever designed it as it is so simple and cleverly thought out. Some day I will have a go at doing some thing similar. The video is lovely and I would love to create it on my own community site. The only negative side is there are some very silly comments here that need to be removed. Best wishes Cockermouth.

Name : Mrs Diana Spencer

Location : Wigton. Date : 2008-08-08 09:28:32

Comment : I love Cockermouth, a beautiful town, with the only Sainsbury\'s in Cumbria, but cannot find out the costs of parking, and the best and cheapest options, online. The map which Allerdale provides is fine if you are a local and know the names of the carparks (the only one I know is behind Sainsbury\'s, but it is called something else), but no costs are provided, and it was last updated in September 2007. So I have sent an e-mail each to Allerdale and Cockermouth TIC, whatever that is, to try to find out. The bus times make travel to and from Wigton, a round trip of 32 miles, virtually impossible for workers and shoppers, and leaves us no option but to drive. And why are the dates on this website in the American format? In the UK, and everywhere else apart from America, it is date, month and then year!

Name : cecile

Location : asia. Date : 2008-07-28 13:47:17

Comment : would like to find out the members of your town council and how things are run and done in your town, like enactment of laws or ordinances specifically on town management and enforcement & planning, local taxes and revenues, infrastructure programs and projects, preservation and other environmental concerns. How do i address these from your site?

Name : liz outlaw

Location : sunderland. Date : 2008-07-24 16:53:15

Comment : i love cockermouth! I first visited 6 years ago and I have been back every year since.i like the shops,the parks, the people ,the area and they fact it only takes two hours to get there from my homeown Sunderland.I first visited because my ancestors came from the area and with cockermouth keeping its lovely old buildings (not like Sunderland) its easy to imasgine what it was like when they lived here.I heard they were going to change the parking system please dont as we know where we are now!

Name : Andrew Minney

Location : Twickenham. Date : 2008-06-27 12:31:54

Comment : Liked the market place but not those plastic seats!!

Name : Julia Robinson

Location : Manchester. Date : 2008-06-24 19:53:37

Comment : I have selected taxi information, however when I select more information about a particular taxi company from the given list, I get the address, but the phone number remains for a split second, then dissapears before I can read it.

Name : belle vue papcastle cockermouth

Location : cockermouth cumbria. Date : 2008-06-18 03:34:49

Comment : we had a very good meal here a little out the way but well worth it the staff are very good .and the owner helen looked after us so well .thank you for a good night.


Location : BANGOR NORTHERN IRELAND. Date : 2007-12-06 13:47:26


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