Cockermouth News
w/e April 15
 The culling reaches the very edge of Cockermouth as cattle and sheep face slaughter . This was the scene on Easter Sunday near Cockermouth School as the covered HGV prepare for the sad task of disposal.  

w/e March 31
 Foot and Mouth crisis starts to bite with 300 Cumbrian cases and latest casualty is another delay to the plan by Mitchells Auction Co to move out to the A66. This in turn may yet again delay arrival of Sainsbury store.

 Pressure builds for a roundabout at the deadly Brigham-Broughton junction on the A66.

African sculptor Ronnie Dongo visits the new Regeneration Gallery in the town.

w/e March 24
 Wordsworth House is to open early to try and help the tourist trade in the Foot and Mouth crisis. The house, notorious in the past for "always being shut", opens at weekends.  Lady Egremont is to be asked if Cockermouth Castle could enjoy more Open Days as part of the town's bid to maintain a welcome for tourists. (Read our Cockermouth is Open for Business updates)

w/e March 16
 Broughton Red Rose RL and the parish council back big plkans for new floodlit rugby facilities at Great Broughton.

Work supposed to strengthen the main Cocker bridge starts.
 As the tourist trade plummets with cancelled bookings farmers wait to see the impact of a government order to cull all livestock within three kilometres of foot and mouth infected farms.
Ian Francis a 67 year old Labour defector is to run as Lib Dem candidate for the Parliamentary seat at the next general election.

w/e March 10 2001
 A price tag of £6,000 is expected from a portrait of Cockermouth MP Joseph Musgrave who made a fortune in 18th century through collecting taxes on cattle moving through Cumberland. Because most Scots cattle was driven on the hoof along drove roads an estimated 25,000 beasts a year passed through generating plenty of revenue.  The Foot and Mouth crisis started to hit close to home at Cockermouth with 1,000 sheep being slaughtered at New Hall Farm between Dearham and Broughton.

w/e February 24
 The Foot and Mouth crisis shuts down livestock movements and Cockermouth Marts.  MEANWHILE Cockermouth Auction celebrate their best ever antiques sale with more than £1/2 million items going under the hammer. Included in the sale were paintings including a 19th century Venetian work sold for £48,000 to a buyer from Monaco.

w/e February 17
 Cockermouth School PTA plan fashion show on April 4 to raise school funds. Contact point is Rose Luchini Tel. 01900 325940  National Trust want to use Lottery grants to turn the Wordsworth House into a themed visitor centre
w/e February 10
 A woman who was mentally disturbed and suicidal was jailed for two years for causing the death of popular Cockermouth teacher Penelope Feather in December 1999. Maryport woman Dawn Kirkpatrick had drunk a bottle of vodka and crashed her car head on into the Feathers' vehicle. Judge Brown only banned Kirkpatrick from driving for ten years when many felt a lifetime ban would have been far more appropriate.  A concrete drum of toxic waste destined for the controversial Alco waste dump at Lillyhall, exploded on the A66 at Cockermouth showering cars. Nobody was hurt.

w/e Feb3
 Stan Payne MBE to retire in March as manager of Castle Fisheries. Taking over is Dave Smith.
Mitchells end their Monday Mart and switch livestock showing to Wednesday. Also the end of an era as Rickerby's announce closure of its Cockermouth depot which has a history going back to 1880. The firm is rationalisiing its business across the area.
 Labour stalwart and local businessman Roger Hannah died at the age of 78.

w/e January 26 2001
 Prince Charles drops in to congratulate Malcolm Wilson on his Ford Motorsport development at Dovenby. The day before the Prince paid no heed to MPs views and went hunting with the Blencathra pack.  Talk of the former athletics track out on Lorton road becoming a speedway racing venue appeared to recede after Allerdale indicated they want the Town Council to take over the running track.

w/e January 19
 Local MP Dale Campbell Savours opts to vote in favour of the ban on fox hunting.  To revive Cockermouth's poorly supported Market, plans are discussed to switch from Mondays to Saturdays. But Allerdale will have to consider the likely traffic snarl ups on busy Kirkgate.

w/e January 12 2001
 Sainsbury's say they will start building work for their new superstore this October. It has been a five year battle for the store to come to town.  Cannabis will be on the agenda at the next General Election vote for the Workington constituency. John Peacock from Silloth who uses cannabis for his epilepsy, will be the legalise Cannabis Alliance candidate running against Tony Cunningham (Labour) and Tim Stoddart (Conservative).

w/e January 5 2001
 The booming Ford World Rally Championship base at Dovenby built up by rally ace Malcolm Wilson is considering bidding for the Broughton Moor ex-NATO weapons dump to create a racing circuit. The Dovenby centre is set to employ 200.