The first meeting of “The League of Friends of the Cockermouth Cottage Hospital” was held on 14th July 1953.
Its objectives were then defined as: “To implement schemes sponsored by the League to improve standards of service and conditions of Patients and Nursing Staff, and to provide funds to provide for amenities which are outside the scope of the West Cumberland Hospital Management Board.”

Presenting new pressure mattress
Mrs Chester, George Todhunter, Frank Wilson, Sister Cowley

Funds come from donations and fund raising events. People have left money to the League in their will. The “Ladies Committee” is the main stay of organising fund raising events such as the Garden Parties, Coffee Mornings/Evenings and Raffles.
In the early days Matron and some of the nurses lived on site in the Nurse’s home and the League bought curtains and other items. The Hospital received things like tea sets, suites, television sets, Christmas presents, pianos, lampshades, a spin dryer, etc. but as time went by and money got tighter in the N.H.S. the League was asked for medical equipment, beds and mattress. The league was able to pay for an extension to the Day Room, and an Ambulance.

February 1990
George Todhunter, Jennifer Drouet, Margaret Jackson, Pat Dixon.

Spring 2013
Cockermouth Cottage Hospital – Main Entrance

The New Community Hospital is due to open in August. Photos showing the building progress during the last 18 months can be found on the “New Hospital” page of this website.

The original founders of the League of Friends purchased the land in front of the Cottage Hospital in the 1950’s, and it was their foresight which provided the opportunity for the building of this new hospital. The land has been leased to the NHS for 103 years at a nominal rent.

The League of Friends has agreed to provide 6 new TV’s, which together with those already bought for the old hospital will ensure that every inpatient will have a television available in their own bedroom free of charge. We are continuing to raise funds, and are working with the hospital management to provide further equipment which will bring extra benefit to the hospital.

July 2013

Items Recently Donated to Cockermouth Cottage Hospital by the League of Friends

Christmas Tree
Christmas Gifts to patients and staff every year
Three Flat Screen Televisions
Newspapers delivered every day
Paid for Painting of Railings and Walls
Low Stools
Birthing Pool
Woodhurst Commode
Bedfiles and Hooks
Ambassador Electric Adjustable Chair & Leg Rest
Electric Air Mattrass & Kit
Primo Therasonic Head (pictured)
Digital Chair Scales
Exercise Machine & Dumbbells

Primo Therasonic Head
For ultrasound Treatment

Donations by the League of Friends in 2014

Nine patient’s rooms have been supplied with brand new wall mounted TV’s.
Now that the new hospital is up and running, the League has received a number of requests for equipment from both the hospital wards and from the Physio/Rehab unit, and has agreed to provide financial support for these items.
Bringing Extra Services to Cockermouth

As well as the inpatient facility, the hospital has been designed to provide many more services. The doctor’s surgeries, some outpatient specialist appointments, physiotherapists, midwives and others are already in place. The aim is that patients will be able to have - on site - many more diagnostic tests, many more medical consultations, and to get their results more promptly.
At a time of extreme financial constraint in the Health Service, and when Cockermouth is competing with all the other parts of Cumbria for scarce resources, the League of Friends is committed to help to bring in these extra services.

Support the League of Friends

In the past the League of Friends has been superbly supported by the people in the town, with donations, legacies and attendance at our fund raising events. This support has been channelled to the extensive help we have been able to give to our new Community Hospital. We hope that people, organisations and individuals will continue to support our efforts with pledges or donations, organise events for our support, or seek sponsorship for sports or other events. We hope you will visit our own events, and continue to log onto our website.

LoF: August 2014

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