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Cockermouth Agricultural Show 2003 and 2004
Some photos from the 2003 and 2004 Agricultural Shows.
Photographs by Julian Thurgood

Sheep Pens

The Industrial Tent

Vintage machinery

Cockermouth Show

Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team Display

One of many trade stands

Blue Leicester Sheep

Texel sheep

Herdwick Sheep

Charolais cattle

Limousin cattle

Longhorn cattle

Prizewinning Poultry

Derek Scrimgeour with Ben, herding sheep

Derek Scrimgeour with Laddie, herding ducks

The shearers from High Stanger Farm

And the end result

And the end result

Vintage Tractors and the Fitz

Vintage Tractor Seats

Vintage Pump

Arrangement of wildflowers in a jam jar

Arrangement of flowers in moss on a saucer

Decorated Eggs