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Historical Photos of Cockermouth
Photos from the Kirkgate Museum Group, and others depicting Cockermouth in past times.

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Percy House 1890.

Banks Ironmongers 1900.

Banks Ironmongers.

Station St.

Josiah Halls Grocers Store (where Tarantella is now).

Cockermouth Fire Brigade, in South St.

Cockermouth Industrial School.

Cockermouth Industrial School.

Lindsays Butchers, Main St.

Yeomans, Station St.

Shop on South St.

Motorcar built by Cumbria Cyclecars, Cockermouth.

Derwent Mills Ladies Football Team 1917.

Mitchells Auction in the 1980s.
Photo by Jon Sharp.

View from the railway line over Tweed Mill Lane.
Photo by Jon Sharp.

Market - South Street. Mitchells Auction to the left.
Photo by Jon Sharp.

At the memorial gardens, by Harris Mill.
Photo by Jon Sharp.

Watching the carnival go by.
Photo by Jon Sharp.